Friday, October 26, 2012

CRC ministry spreads Anthony's prayers

The Christian Reformed Church is spreading the word about Anthony's book through its Disability Concerns office. Mark Stephenson, director of the ministry, recently purchased 180 copies of "Anthony's Prayers" to distribute to its supporters.

Stephenson has been using the book to help lead prayer in various settings, according to a story by Chris Meehan on the CRC website. Stephenson praised Anthony's "heartfelt thankfulness," despite his past difficulties, in the book of prayers and poignant photos.

"We will be giving it away to churches that receive offerings for our ministry with the encouragement that they put it in their church library for people to check out," Stephenson says in the story.

Anthony's book is now also being carried by Baker Book House at 2768 E. Paris Ave. SE.

We who have known and supported Anthony are grateful to see how his inspirational words continue to reach more readers and touch new hearts.