Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anthony's dream rolls off the press

Tuesday Anthony saw his longheld dream of a prayer book take shape before his eyes. He went to Color House Graphics in Grand Rapids to see the cover being printed. Press operator Craig Banning fired up the computer, and after a moment the iGenIV printer began spitting out copies. Anthony watched with a delighted and peaceful look on his face. Color House President Ken Postema put a copy in his hands. "I appreciate it," Anthony said.
Press columnist Tom Rademacher interviewed Anthony for an upcoming story in The Grand Rapids Press while photographer Rex Larsen snapped pictures. The words tumbled out of Anthony as he told of his long-ago difficult times, of the good care his late mother, Nellie, provided for him, and of seeing his prayer book finally come to life after years of hoping. "This is exciting," Anthony said. "It's better than what you see on the TV."
Later, he said he never doubted his prayers for publication would be answered. "God never breaks his promises," he said.

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